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Extinguishing the Dangers of Flammable Liquids


Hauling flammable liquids can seem like playing with fire (yes, pun intended.) That’s why it’s important to choose a freight transporter that knows how to properly handle flammable liquids.

Because flammable liquids have the potential to cause serious personal injuries, property damage and harm to surrounding communities and the environment, we follow strict regulations and laws to transport and deliver our customers’ flammable liquid freight safely, on time and in full.

So what exactly are these flammable liquids and how do we safely transport them? Let’s answer these burning questions.

What Makes Liquids Flammable?
There are two types of flammable liquids: Class 3 flammable liquids and Class 3 combustible liquids. Interestingly, it’s the released vapors from these liquids that are flammable, not the liquids themselves.

Flammable liquids and combustible liquids have different flashpoints – the temperature at which their vapor will ignite in air. Flammable liquids, such as petroleum ether and ethyl chloride, have a flashpoint of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Combustible liquids, including acetone, benzene and methyl alcohol, have a flashpoint between 100 degrees and 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

As mentioned, the vapors of these flammable liquids are the real danger.

These vapors can escape from opened or improperly sealed containers and tankers. Because the vapors are heavier than air, when released, they will settle and leave a trail in unventilated areas like sewers and trenches. Under these conditions, a flashback can occur – the moment the vapor trail ignites.

So how do we extinguish the potential dangers of these flammable liquids?

Important Safety Protocols
When it comes to combating the risk of igniting these flammable liquids, we fight fire with fire (no, not really.) We actually follow extensive precautions and government regulations to ensure we haul our bulk liquid safely.

At GOCO Transports, safety is our priority. That’s why our liquid freight specialists are HAZMAT/HAZWOPER Certified and trained in SPCC (Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure). Our team has the knowledge, skills and industry-leading technology to handle and transport all flammable and combustible liquids safely.

Our drivers comply with all federal and state regulations, including using approved containers and portable tanks for storage and transportation, properly labeling every shipment with MSDS sheets and including provisions for emergency vents to lower internal pressure under fire exposure conditions.

Our commitment to safety is just one of the many ways we’re the right logistics partnerfor your liquid freight.

For nearly a century, we’ve been providing peace of mind service to our customers. At GOCO Transports, our drivers undergo constant training and are up to the minute on all regulations and laws in order to protect our team, our customers’ valuable liquid freight, our communities and the environment.

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