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What Do We Haul?


Properly transporting any kind of freight in modern times can be challenging.

When that freight is in bulk liquid, additional difficulties can arise – but with the right team, equipment and processes, every challenge can be overcome. Our customers depend on our delivery solutions and unmatched service to receive their products safely, on time and in the right quantities.

Our customers expect an impeccable delivery experience – one that we’ve established after nearly a century in the industry. We’re proud to provide that for them, which is what powers our success at GOCO.

So, what is this liquid freight we haul at GOCO Transports, exactly?

As the key transportation division of Gaubert Oil Company, Inc., it is our mission to provide safe, dependable transport of various bulk fuels, oils, lubricants and other chemicals to gas stations, retail outlets and operational locations among dozens of industries.

That’s the “bulk” of it (sorry, we just couldn’t resist.) But have you ever wondered what the different types of liquid freight are in our industry? Here’s a helpful breakdown of some of the products we haul and what they’re used for:

Diesel Fuel

This fuel is made from crude petroleum and specially formulated for diesel engines (like the ones that power our trucks). We specialize in safely and efficiently transporting each type of diesel fuel and getting it to our customers fast.


Methanol is the simplest alcohol, typically used as an industrial solvent and as an ingredient in other chemical products. It’s also known as methyl alcohol, and although it has no color, it does contain that alcohol scent.


Glycol is used to make products like antifreeze and polyester. It usually has a sweet smell and comes in a range of viscosities that require special handling and transport. No matter what type of glycol our customers need, we are able to store and haul it safely.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

DEF inhibits the amount of nitrogen oxide that diesel engines produce, which is why it’s an important chemical for reducing airborne pollutants. Often marketed as AdBlue, DEF is a complex urea solution made with deionized water. It’s a clear, non-toxic solution but needs to be stored and transported in special containers that we are more than equipped to handle.


No matter the chemical – whether safe or caustic, corrosive or non-corrosive, we handle each chemical transport job with the same level of meticulous care. We safely haul various chemicals to be used as additives, refiners or base oils that are used as ingredients in many different end user products.

Base Oils

Engine oil, lubricants and other fluids often start with a base oil. We haul, handle, and store these base oils with the same process and level of care as with any other fluid.


Used in everything from household products to automotive and industrial, lubricants consist of organic compounds to reduce friction between moving parts. We take special care to avoid improper transport, as any accident can become an environmental hazard. Our expert transportation team delivers lubricants in many types and quantities with care and on time.

Gasoline (branded and unbranded)

We proudly and safely haul gasoline to power equipment in multiple industries, as well as to retail outlets for major brands like Texaco, ExxonMobil, Marathon, BP, Shell, and more.

We’ve provided industry-leading expertise and innovative liquid freight handling solutions for more than 96 years. Drawing upon our decades of experience, our talented, customer-focused team remains committed to delivering impeccable service and always going the extra mile for our customers.

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