How to Choose a 3PL Partner – Fuel and Chemical Broker Edition

As a fuel or chemical broker, selecting the proper third-party logistics (3PL) partner is crucial for your business’s success. A reliable and efficient 3PL provider can help streamline your supply chain, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve overall operational efficiency. This blog post will help you choose the ideal 3PL fuel or chemical brokerage business […]

How to Handle Fuel and Chemical Supply Chain Challenges During Storm Season

As we enter storm season, businesses in the fuel and chemical industries must prepare for potential disruptions to their supply chains. While tropical storms and hurricanes can wreak havoc on transportation routes, production facilities, and distribution networks, leading to delays, shortages, and increased costs, there are strategies for navigating these disruptions. Let’s explore the impact […]

New Safety Regulations for Fuel and Chemical Brokers

Keeping up with the latest safety and environmental regulations is essential in the fuel and chemical brokerage industry. The Gulf South region has recently introduced new rules impacting essential substances like methanol, ethanol, jet fuel, and DEF. Understanding and adapting to these changes is necessary for legal compliance and maintaining the highest safety and environmental […]

8 Critical Considerations in Bulk Liquid Freight Carrier Selection

The logistics and transportation procurement of bulk liquid freight services stands out as a particularly challenging and specialized area. The transportation of bulk liquids like chemicals, petroleum products, and food-grade liquids demands rigorous standards, specialized equipment, and a keen understanding of regulatory compliance and market dynamics. For procurement professionals, aligning with the right dedicated contract […]

Dos and Don’ts: The Insider’s Guide to Safe Chemical Transportation

When it comes to transporting chemicals, safety is paramount. As an individual or business looking for a carrier to transport chemicals, it’s essential to understand the dos and don’ts of chemical transportation to ensure the process is handled with care and responsibility. Keep reading to review some valuable insights into the critical practices and pitfalls […]

Surviving the Shift: Convenience Stores and the Latest Liquid Freight Regulations

Keeping up with regulatory changes as a convenience store or gas station owner is crucial to running a successful business. One area that has recently seen significant shifts is the transportation of liquid freight. With new regulations, C-store or gas station owners must navigate these changes to ensure compliance and avoid penalties. Let’s explore how […]

How to Safely Transport Base Oils

Ensuring the proper transportation of base oils is crucial for maintaining their quality and safeguarding the environment. Orchestrating the safe and timely delivery of vital commodities cannot be overstated. Let’s review the necessary steps to ensure that base oils reach their destination without a hitch. From selecting suitable containers to understanding regulations, this how-to guide […]

The Science Behind Fuel Additives and How They Benefit Your Gas Station

In the fiercely competitive landscape of fuel retailing, offering the proper additives can be a game-changer. A study by the American Petroleum Institute (API) found that high-quality fuel additives can improve fuel economy by up to 3%, translating to significant customer cost savings. Additionally, additives can enhance engine performance by up to 5%, leading to […]

An Interview with Shawn Lester

In this insightful conversation with Shawn Lester, Fleet Manager at Gaubert Oil, he brings to the table a rare perspective on the operational and logistical aspects of the role. This discussion promises to illuminate the responsibilities, challenges, and successes that define the life of a fleet manager, as seen through the eyes of a veteran […]

9 considerations for transporting bulk fuel and additives

  Are you a gas station or convenience store owner looking to streamline your operations and soar past the competition? The secret to your success lies in mastering the art of fuel additive transportation and management. Imagine having a constant supply of fuel, adhering to safety standards effortlessly, and managing your inventory like a pro. […]

Elevate Fuel Inventory Management in Your C-Store and Gas Station Operations

In the dynamic world of fuel retail, every drop of gasoline has the power to influence a business’s bottom line. As fluctuating prices, supply chain disruptions, and evolving customer expectations reshape the landscape, convenience stores and gas stations are recognizing the paramount importance of strategic financial management, particularly in fuel inventory. By mastering the delicate […]

From Manual to Automated: The Future of Fuel Delivery

Fuel delivery has come a long way since the days of manual operations. Thanks to technological advances, we can now deliver liquid fuels in more efficient and environmentally friendly methods. In this blog post, we will explore how technology is transforming how we provide liquid fuels and discuss the various innovations that have revolutionized fuel […]

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Poincot

As part of our Employee Spotlight series, we are interviewing select employees to feature. We are excited to showcase and celebrate the accomplishments, skills, and contributions of our valued team members.   NAME: Patrick Poincot POSITION: Truck Driver – GOCO Transports   Q: How did you get into truck driving, and what inspired you to […]

**New Download** Fuel outsourcing checklist for selecting the right provider

Time is a finite resource. With all of the changes facing the retail fueling industry, it’s important to locate reliable resources quickly and efficiently. We recently shared new our ebook Improve Your C-Store Operations By Outsourcing Fuel Transport to help convenience store, gas station managers, owners and decision makers learn more about this service. Today, […]