Hauling the Solution: A Case Study Featured Image

Hauling the Solution: A Case Study


Flexibility is a difference maker when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service.

This is even more important when it comes to navigating the delivery challenges of hauling products for critical industries. This is precisely what GOCO Transports encountered during a recent delivery to an oil refinery.

In this case study we’ll look at the difficulties GOCO faced and how they overcame them.

The Customer’s Challenge

When it comes to the daily workload, the entire transport process — from receiving the initial order to the final product delivery — is normally straightforward. But when a past customer contacted GOCO for a sizable haul of ethanol to their refinery, what started as a standard run took a slightly different turn.

Unplanned circumstances arose, forcing the customer to change supply points for their ethanol delivery. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but this new supply point required top-loading racks, a detail that wasn’t originally planned for. In order to tackle the job, GOCO had to quickly prep the right equipment to complete the 40-mile delivery on schedule.

GOCO’s Solution

GOCO routinely delivers products to oil refineries throughout the region. But in this particular case, the shift in supply point late in the process created a unique challenge to overcome.

GOCO was able to communicate the issue and quickly re-allocate the appropriate resources to get two top-loading trailers on the road to fit this exact need.

The Results: A Relationship Reforged

With the flexibility and resources to develop a solution in short order, GOCO got the top-loading trailers on the road, efficiently loaded at the supply point and delivered the ethanol product to the refinery in a timely one-day turnaround.

With no downtime or interruption in production, the customer was ecstatic with the fast delivery and more than satisfied with the performance of the GOCO Transports team. So much so that they’ve become a regular customer again, one that GOCO is proud to pick up the long-term relationship with.

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