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Employee Spotlight – Tim Juhas


When your business is transporting important cargo to industrial jobsites, gas stations and refineries across the region, you’re bound to experience a few things – and meet a lot of interesting people.

It’s the people – and helping others – that make any professional experience worthwhile.

If you ask the folks who work at GOCO Transports to describe the company, you’re likely to hear words like “quality,” “reliable,” and “family.” Sometimes, you’ll even hear all three – especially if you ask truck driver Tim Juhas.

Company qualities like these are important for drivers like Juhas. So is being home every day – a concern that GOCO management addressed when he met with them while attending Coastal Truck Driving School. These were the first things that really opened Juhas eyes to GOCO Transports and enticed him to apply for a position as he finished his training.

The good impression they left on Juhas was immediate.

“The company has been great to me,” he said. “Everyone has been willing to help.”

When you work with a team who is always willing to step in and assist, it makes the work much more manageable, especially while first learning the ropes. But becoming more familiar with the daily routines is just one thing that excites Juhas about coming to work every day – days in which routine duties become enjoyable experiences.

After doing his daily pre-trip inspection, Juhas checks his workload for the day. Then it’s off to the refineries, gas stations and other stops to complete his day’s itinerary for deliveries. When done, he refuels the truck and heads home to prepare for the next day. While this may seem somewhat routine, Juhas says there is always more to learn, which really adds to the great workplace atmosphere and trusting culture of teamwork.

“GOCO goes the extra mile to train their employees on safety, and everyone has been very friendly and helpful,” he said. “All of my coworkers have made me feel at home and part of the family.”

The familial values at GOCO Transports, combined with great pay and benefits, add up to an exciting and rewarding workplace that Juhas and his team are proud to be part of.

‘I would highly recommend working for GOCO. It’s a great company that makes everyone feel like part of the family.”

For more information and to see if working at GOCO Transports is the right fit for you, visit gocotransports.com/careers.