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Employee Spotlight: Chad Wheaton


As part of our Employee Spotlight series, we are interviewing select employees to feature. We are excited to showcase and celebrate the accomplishments, skills, and contributions of our valued team members.


NAME: Chad Wheaton

POSITION: Truck Driver – GOCO Transports


Q: How did you get into truck driving, and what inspired you to pursue this career path?

A: Never thought I would get into truck driving. Then I went to school for it, wanting to change to something different, do something different other than being a salesman. I like to get out and interact with people more and just do something different. That’s why I got into truck driving.

Q: How did you get introduced to your job at Gaubert Oil?

A: I got introduced to my job at Gaubert through a friend of mine. He told me how good the company was, so I wanted to take that opportunity to try, and they gave me a chance. Everything turned out great!

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role and working at Gaubert Oil?

A: My role, I’m just good with people, and I’m just a people person. You have got to be a people person somewhat when you’re out on the road and meeting different people and all. Just learning different things that’s what I enjoy most about my role. Teaching people stuff, and helping the new guys that come in. Doing what I can just to be a good employee.

Q: Can you share some of your most memorable experiences or challenges you’ve faced on the road?

A: I think one of the most memorable, the ones that I try not to remember the most is when we started doing the Circle K’s a lot more, like in Baton Rouge and Lafayette. It was a challenge for me, just learning different areas. It also helped me and it just made me know it just not be so basic and learn, you know, learn different areas. I can remember doing all those certificates and all and you know, that challenge of just doing, you know, and it helped me, made me a better driver. That’s the memories and all. One of the memories, I don’t know whether to say if it’s a good memory or bad, but it’s something that I always think about.

Q: How do you stay motivated during long hours on the road and manage fatigue or distractions?

A: I stay motivated because I look at my tasks, what I have to do. I’ve got responsibility and bills. So that keeps me motivated enough just to make it, because I know I have got bills and stuff that I have to pay. Just doing what I have to do, I’ve always been that person – responsible. It keeps me grounded and just keeps me striving just to work. I just don’t even think about, I just do what I have to do and that what keeps me motivated just and I like things so when you like things you got to work for it so that’s that’s a motivation that’s all the motivation I need.

Q: Can you discuss a time when you went above and beyond to deliver a shipment or provide exceptional customer service?

A: One time we had this particular rig we were doing in a small town, I want to say around Lake Charles, and it was raining. It was bad. I didn’t even have a slicker suit. And when I went to the rig they needed it off at a certain time. I was soaking wet and I got sick. I’m a company person so I went and did what I had to do. And I’ll never forget that, because I wound up getting sick after. I will never forget that moment there.

Q: What advice or insights would you give to someone considering a career as a truck driver?

A: Advice I would give them is that you have got to be patient and you have gotta want it. And if you are patient, everything will come to you. Just be responsible, be patient and show up. Be alert and get your rest. It can turn deadly, you know, if you’re not resting and you know, you don’t get your proper rest. You’ve got to ground yourself and know what your responsibilities are and if you do that you’ll be okay.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your time away from work?

A: I’m a sports fanatic. I watch every sport year-round. I go to the gym. I like to work out and spend some time with my kids. I’m a family person and a people person. I love doing stuff with my parents and family. Football is everything and basketball, I just love sports so I’m a sports fanatic.