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A Guide to Liquid Freight Equipment


When it comes to safe, efficient and reliable liquid freight transportation, you need the right equipment.

Hauling bulk liquid without proper equipment is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. It’s close to impossible – and is dangerous. It can lead to accidents, spills and other safety hazards that can cause environmental damage and financial losses. It can even jeopardize people’s lives.

At GOCO Transports, our liquid freight delivery specialists routinely maintain all equipment to ensure our fleet of specialized trucks, fully equipped with industry-leading technology, remain in optimal shape. This allows us to provide the streamlined deliveries our customers depend on.

So, what’s the “bulk” of equipment we use to deliver the peace of mind service our customers deserve? Here’s a breakdown:

Tank Trailers
We can’t talk about liquid freight equipment without pointing out the most important one – the tank trailer. Our petroleum and petrochemical tank trailers are cylindrical in shape to make unloading bulk liquid products easier. Cylindrical tank trailers also have a lower center of gravity making it extremely stable and easier to wash. The trailer sits on a sturdy chassis to provide stability and to reduce any risk of content shift or toppling. Our trailers are also equipped with catwalks to allow our operators to safely reach the top and perform tasks efficiently.

Hoses & Camlock Fittings
Hoses are used to safely transfer fluids from the trailer to the loading or unloading tank. With camlock fittings or cam and groove couplings, these hoses can be connected and disconnected quickly and securely. This also eliminates the risk of accidental decoupling, which can lead to costly waste of valuable liquid freight.

Loading and Unloading Components
We use a variety of accessories, such as butterfly, gage and emergency valves to regulate and control liquid flow. A sight glass is used to observe the level of the bulk liquid in the tank. To unload liquid from a trailer into underground storage tanks, delivery elbows are used. Additionally, several other loading and unloading tools are used, such as testing equipment, dome lids and API adapters.

Heating Coils
When liquid freight requires heating or temperature regulation, heating coils or hollow tubes that run on the side and the underbelly of tank trailers are used.

Pumps & Air Compressors
To efficiently transfer the liquid cargo from the tank container, we use pumps designed to handle a variety of liquid bulk with a range of viscosities and temperature requirements. Compressors are used to safely blow the product out of the tank through a connected hose.

Scully Systems
Scully systems are designed to ensure safe loading conditions by detecting any retained product within the tanker. If detected, the system prevents any overfills and grounds the truck for safe unloading.

Vapor Recovery Systems
To reclaim harmful vapors during the loading and unloading process, we use vapor recovery systems. This process is also used to extract vapor from tankers to make sure the liquid freight remains pure.

Washing Stations
No liquid freight transportation is complete without a proper washing station. Our drivers wash their tanks before every shipment. Proper washing requires a range of equipment designed to effectively eliminate all chemical residue from tankers and prevent dangerous heel accumulation that can cause internal damage and product contamination. These washing stations are also used to sterilize equipment, including hoses, valves and pumps.

At GOCO Transports, we are constantly improving our transportation process by routinely checking all our equipment to ensure it’s ready for every delivery. With over a century of experience, you can trust that our team of highly-trained drivers is always prepared to provide you with a frictionless customer experience.

We know the ins and outs of delivering our customer’s goods exactly how they expect it – in full and on time. That’s what makes us the right logistics partner for your liquid freight needs.

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